GreenGeeks vs iPage

If you’re looking for secure, reliable web hosting at an extremely low price with top marketing and optimization tools, as well as excellent customer service, you might have heard of Green Geeks. In addition to their superb listing of features, this company offers 300% green technology, meaning they outstrip the normal offerings of other web hosting companies in terms of their environmental friendliness. One of the company’s main competitors is iPage, so in our review of GreenGeeks vs iPage, we’ll stack up how the two webhosts do against each other.

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GreenGeeks is known for their superb hosting technology, featuring SSD RAID-10 arrays and blazing fast page loading times. You will get a free domain name, SSH access, secure email accounts in unlimited numbers, an enhanced cPanel view, as well as a full 30 day moneyback guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Other features of GreenGeeks include FTP access, a phpform generator, access to a customizable PHP environment, and spam assassin protection.

While iPage does offer similar features, they do not have unlimited email accounts or hardware that can compare with GreenGeeks.


GreenGeeks hosting starts at $4 per month, and considering the huge amount of features you get for this price, it is a very low amount. It’s true that iPage does have initial hosting offered for just a dollar per month, but you only get basic hosting — and no access to unlimited bandwidth, domain names, and other features the way you do with GreenGeeks. For this reason, GreenGeeks still wins out in terms of pricing, because they give you more for the money you’re paying up front.

Templates and Tools

GreenGeeks offers a very large array of tools to help you get your site up and running properly. You will receive a range of unique features such as a full account control panel and sandbox modes which let you test your website as you’re putting it up. You can also see the company’s excellent Softaculous script installer which comes as part of the full package for monthly hosting. Using these tools, you can quickly test your site and make sure it’s fully functional and user-friendly.

On the flip side, iPage only offers basic cPanel access without staging features like GreenGeeks.

Support for Web Languages

GreenGeeks features the most reliable and up to date language support, including MySQL, CGI, PHP, Perl, and SSL. This means your security enhancements are also going to be at the maximum level when you sign up with GreenGeeks. Since you also gain access to unrestricted FTP features, you can quickly upload and download as much content as necessary.

On the competition’s side, iPage isn’t quite as up to date in terms of web language support. You will see access to PHP, Perl, and SSL, but their CGI interface leaves something to be desired, making GreenGeeks our #1 choice in terms of web language support, as well.

Customer Service

GreenGeeks not only gives you access to the most knowledgeable and friendly tech support on the planet, but you can also access their extensive help base any time you need. With tech support, they’ll allow you to pick email, phone, or chat, depending on your preference. It’s true that iPage also has customer service, but we found that over a test of 30 days, when we had a problem, it was easier to get through to GreenGeeks on the whole.

Additionally, GreenGeeks offers a full range of video tutorials, help articles, and instruction manuals hosted online to show you step by step how to set up your site and diagnose the most common errors faced by new web hosts.

Uptime and Reliability

Over a test of 30 days, we found that GreenGeeks maintained their 99.9% uptime promise without any problems, while our site hosted with iPage went down on multiple occasions. It was also slower to load on the whole than our page hosted with GreenGeeks.

Conclusion — GreenGeeks Wins

As a host that offers excellent features, affordable pricing, and great technical support, GreenGeeks wins hands down. They also host servers that are run by wind-powered energy, making their carbon footprint much less than other web hosting companies. Since iPage still has a way to go in terms of meeting GreenGeeks’ capabilities and offerings for the price they’re asking, it’s much more economical to go with GreenGeeks. They remain our #1 choice as a hosting company. GreenGeeks is rated 5/5 stars.

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